Johnson Bros Group offers a range of products and services for building foundations, building supplies and sub floors within residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Working closely with our preferred suppliers the Johnson Bros Group can provide the following services and products;
Foundations and floor
Concrete and Masonry
Frame and Trusses
LVL and Lintels

Foundation & Floor

Johnson Bros Group offers a range of products and services for building foundations and sub floors within residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Working closely with our preferred suppliers the Johnson Bros Group can provide the following services and products
Slab hardware
Waffle Pods
• Jointing
• Accessories
Floor Truss Systems
LVL Subfloors
• Stump subfloor
• Ground level concrete subfloor
• Suspended subfloors
• Beam and joist subfloor
• Steel Frame Subfloors

Slab Hardware

Utilising the correct supporting products for slab foundations will increase the strength and durability of the structure. These foundations include;

Waffle pods

Increase construction efficiency, provide insulation, and reduce wastage as they provide the ability to forecast required concrete quantities.

Having the appropriate joints installed within a slab can prevent uncontrollable cracking that is caused by the expansive and shrinkage behaviour that is encountered with concrete.

Accessories are important in the safety, efficiency, and quality of the foundation. These include metal and plastic bar chairs, spacers, dowel bars and caps, safety caps, tie wire and building film.

Floor Truss Systems

Floor Truss systems are an advanced solution to floor framing problems and are manufactured using quality timber. Truss systems offer durability and minimises shrinkage, warping and twisting. It is a cost-effective option with reduced installation time and minimises waste of timber.


Reinforcing bar and reinforcing wire mesh are types of steel reinforcement that are used in concrete elements to provide additional strength and prevent cracking in a range of commercial and residential applications. Manufactured in rolls and sheets, wire mesh will usually save time on installation and thus labour costs.

Reinforced steel bars, commonly referred to as rebars, are hot-rolled and are used in construction sites for applications such as bridges, roads, and buildings to enhance the whole strength of a concrete structure and relieve tension stress that can lead to cracking.

LVL Subfloor

A subfloor is the most important structural layer in the flooring process. It is also the lowest layer in the floor structuring system that rests directly on top of the joists that support load-boarding walls and support beams. Understanding the terrain in which you are working as well as the purpose of the flooring will help determine which subflooring options to choose;

Stump Subfloor
Stump subfloors are used in households and work effectively within sloping / hilly terrain. It also doesn’t require the extensive renovation work that is associated with the likes of a concrete slab where digging and levelling are involved.

Ground level concrete slab subfloor
Concrete slab subfloors are very popular for its durability and minimal maintenance once set-up makes it a favourable choice for subflooring.

Suspended slab subfloor
Suspended slab subflooring is used in multistorey buildings for upper levels. It can also be used for ground floor when wanting greater stability on unflattened terrain. This option requires pre-fabrication offsite and a crane to lift the slab to the required height.

Beam and joist subfloor
Beam and joist framing is another alternative option which can be constructed either offsite or onsite. Once constructed these are then attached to the stump foundations to create the subfloor.

Steel Frame Subfloors
Steel framing works in much the same way as timber beam and joist framing however the stability and durability that comes from steel makes it a more viable option for a lot of people. Steel also means that it is less susceptible to deterioration and rot that can caused by weather, water and termites.

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Concrete & Masonary

The Johnson Bros Group can offer an extensive range of concrete and masonry products and services that can be tailored to suit any size or complexity of the building plans. Working with our trusted suppliers, the following products are offered.
• Bricks
• Blocks
• Concrete
• Cement


Bricks are categorised as ‘common bricks’ and ‘engineered bricks.’ Common bricks are generally utilised for residential projects and engineered bricks will most frequently be used in civil engineering projects. Bricks offer many benefits when used as part of construction;
• Style
• Strength
• Insulation
• Soundproofing
• Durable
The types of bricks available are:
Burnt clay bricks
Commonly used for masonry walls, foundations, and columns.
Sand lime bricks
Structural foundations, decorative uses, exposed walls and pillars.
Concrete bricks
Fences, internal walls.
Fly ash clay bricks
Structural walls, foundations and offer significant fire resistance properties.
We provide a vast catalogue of different brick types for all construction requirements whether functional or aesthetic.


Concrete blocks (concrete masonry units) are used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Specific uses include security barriers, construction, and landscape design. The most common block types are hollow blocks, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, solid concrete blocks, lintel blocks and pavement blocks. Concrete masonry blocks are flexible in their shape, configuration, and colour. Accordingly, we can offer an extensive range of block types to cater for different styles, budgets and uses.


Concrete is the oldest and widely used construction material worldwide. It’s employed for a range of applications including residential, multi-residential, urban landscapes and infrastructure. Its multi-faceted capabilities are brought from its many advantageous features of strength, flexibility, affordability, durability and energy efficiency.

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Frame & Truss

Johnson Bros Group are experts in timber framing, flooring to installing roof truss systems. Through our dedicated partners and we can offer an advanced catalogue of timber supplies including:
• Hammerbeam
• King Truss
• Queen Truss
• Scissor Truss


Timber framing is a popular ‘lightweight’ construction method. It is a cost-effective option that is strong and durable and can be quickly and easily constructed. It can withstand environmental conditions and is resistant to rust and corrosion. Timber framing offers extensive design versatility and is compatible with many external wall cladding options.

A timber roof truss system uses triangular wooden structures as a framework to support and stabilise the roof.
The most common truss systems include Hammerbeam, Queen post, King post and Scissor systems;
For open-plan room designs, hammerbeam deigns are a suitable option.
King truss (crown truss)
Is a cost-effective option and is utilised in simple roof systems. It offers extensive decorative versatility whist offering strength and stability.
Queen truss
Is an alternative option that offers the same level of versatility that can be applied to almost any building design.
Scissor truss
Is commonly employed to support a pitched roof. It offers flexibility and can be customised to suit many different room designs.

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LVL & Lintels

LVL Timber

Laminated veneer lumber is a versatile and high-strength material that is suitable for structural applications across construction in residential and commercial projects. It’s a low-cost material that offers a range of flexibility in the prefabrication process.


Lintels, otherwise known as headers, are load-bearing beams that support the openings to buildings, such as doors and windows or other areas of weakness in the building’s structure.

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